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Hello, welcome to our site. We are freshening up our appearance and portfolio to show off our awesome clients. We are OPEN for business, please call us at 772-285-2119.  Come back soon!

At Webs by Melissa we take the time to understand your business and your target market. We take that information and design your website to reflect your business and generate new customers for you. You can spend months working with design agencies and coders to develop a website that costs sometimes over $10,000. We are a small business, we understand that you do not want to spend that much time or money on a website and know you do not need to.


Using word press technology and we can design and build a custom website in weeks not months.

You know you need to make a great first impression to get the business. A clean, sleek, updated and professional website is the only way to do that. You also need a website that makes it easy for your customers find what they are looking for and get them to contact you for the sale. Our design elements make it easy for customers to navigate through your site find what they want call contact you to make that sale. Sometimes finding you is the hardest part. Click here to learn more.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Local advertising used to consist of buying ad space in the newspaper, yellow pages and if you had any budget left maybe radio or TV. Times have changed. Now internet search is the king. If your listing is not on the first page of the results your chance of getting clicked are about zero. Each business has a specific target market. We define that target market, research their search habits and customize the content, navigation and other technie jargon to rank for those search results. Click here to learn more.

Marketing Consulting

Working on your business usually takes a back seat to working in your business. Making the sale right now is more important than working to generate the next sale. This causes the ups and downs of the small business. We can help set up the systems you need so that you deliver a consistent effective message to continually generate new business and sales. We can also help build up your database of customers who already know you, like you, and trust you. Your current customers need be reminded of what you do each and every month at least. Keep your company on the top of their mind so when they need your product/service or know someone who needs it they call or refer you. Click here to learn more.

Every small business needs to have an online presence that looks professional and converts the visitor into new business.